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Action and adventure (and stunts) from the island paradise as the original and the contemporary Five-O team thwarts crime. 

The CBS Network Hawaii Five-O social media folks published to Twitter the below-embedded post on September 20, 2018. The post contains a well done video montage acknowledging 50 years of Hawaii Five-O by featuring edited action clips of both generations of casts.

The original series starring Jack Lord began on September 20, 1968 with the two hour pilot movie titled “Cocoon”. Advance fifty years and the contemporary version of the series premiered it’s ninth season with their version of the original episode, complete with a replicated set and some duplicated key dialogue. This was a nice homage to the original’s roots.

More could be written about this anniversary and “Cocoon”, but I’ll save that for a topic at a later time.

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50 Years of Hawaii Five-O
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