Atomic Kitten: Liz McClarnon

Liz McClarnon is a multifaceted Liverpool lass, and a member of the British Pop music group ‘Atomic Kitten’. She is a successful solo singer/songwriter, theatre performer, television presenter, actress, quiz and reality show contestant, Celebrity MasterChef winner, women’s lingerie designer and advocate for a number of social charitable causes.

On the event of Liz McClarnon’s birthday (April 10), I edited this special 60 second musical montage, assembling video clips spanning a roughly 24 year period of her musical performances. The soundtrack music is used under a purchased license and no copyright infringement is intended in the use of the extensive curated video clips.
Watch it below:

As a solo performer, Liz’s first single, was a cover of Barbra Streisand’s 1980 hit “Woman in Love”. The track hit number 5 in the UK charts and was produced by Graham Stack and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, who originally co-wrote the song.
Of all her performances of the song available for viewing online, the version below is my favourite. The vocals, audio mix, and in the second half of the video, the isolated musical instrument camera shots at the moment of accent notes being played (particularly at the 1:34 and 2:49 marks) are just perfect. Kudos for the “three shot” profile angle as Liz and the backup singers perform (at the 2:30 mark).

“Woman In Love” performed by Liz McClarnon on T4’s ‘Popworld” January 28, 2006

Here is the music video version below:

Official music video for “Woman In Love” performed by Liz McClarnon

Among Liz’s co-writing credits, the singles “I Want Your Love”, “See Ya”, and the album tracks “The Moment You Leave Me” and “May Be I’m Right”, “Feels So Good”, “Still Be My Baby”, “Never Get Over You”, “Someone Like Me” and “Ladies Night”.

Links to many of Liz McClarnon’s performance, interview, cooking segments have been curated into a YouTube playlist viewable here:

Wikipedia has more on Liz here:

And now on to ‘Atomic Kitten’.

I quite accidentally discovered the group at the beginning of 2022 when I viewed a very short retro musical clip on a social media platform. Yes, I’m really late to the party – considering the group was formed in 1998! But, I’m telling everyone that i’m their newest fan.

Liz McClarnon, Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost’s voices blend in wonderful harmony making them the perfect performing trio. An example is at the :40 second mark (and beyond) during their music video of “If You Come To Me” (embedded below), and hearing it always gives me a feeling of joy.

“If You Come To Me” performed by ‘Atomic Kitten’

The group was formed in Liverpool during 1998. The single “Whole Again” became their first number one hit in the United Kingdom and stayed at the top for four consecutive weeks. When it was released globally, the song hit number one in eighteen other countries, including six weeks in Germany and New Zealand.

During the early years, Natasha, Liz and Jenny performed a staggering number of outdoor and in studio performances, interviews and travel. Their adventures were entertainingly followed in the documentary ‘Be With Us… A Year in the Life of Atomic Kitten’ viewable here:
On the concert circuit, the group toured Southeast Asia, visiting Singapore, Thailand, and Korea, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.

Among their notable musical accomplishments, a charity re-release of their song “Cradle” titled “Cradle 2005” peaked at number ten, selling 35,000 copies worldwide, with proceeds going to World Vision.

In 2005, the group was featured on the soundtrack of Disney’s ‘Mulan II’ with the song “(I Wanna Be) Like Other Girls”.

In 2006, a cover version of “All Together Now” released only in German-speaking countries, became a charity single for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Notable is their collaboration with Kool & the Gang recording an updated version of their hit “Ladies Night”. In the video below ‘Atomic Kitten’ performs the song minus Kool & the Gang..

“Ladies Night” performed by ‘Atomic Kitten’

The music of Atomic Kitten can be heard in the soundtracks of ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’, ‘Miss Match’, ‘Thomas and the Magic Railroad’, and as mentioned above, ‘Mulan II’.

Meanwhile, in the automotive world, MG announced in October of 2002, the introduction of a new range of special edition MG cars in collaboration with the pop group. The cars were appropriately named “Atomix”. Oh, and lets not forget the flashy yellow and black Atomic Kitten logoed MG ZS touring car which competed on the race track.

In 2021, a revised lyric version of “Whole Again” titled “Southgate You’re the One (Football’s Coming Home Again)” was recorded and released in support of England at UEFA Euro 2020.

Natasha Hamilton and Liz McClarnon have been performing periodic special appearances here and there, and during early May 2022, were on board the Marella “Electric Sunsets” cruise to Spain, where the duo performed to an enthusiastic packed ship board audience.

Among their upcoming gigs is the “90s Baby Pop” concert at the ao Arena in Manchester on October 29, 2022 featuring 23 of the biggests artists of the era. Tickets available at:

Atomic Kitten’s official website is:

I have curated a number of ‘Atomic Kitten’ video playlists on YouTube which you can browse and enjoy.
Atomic Kitten music videos:
Atomic Kitten performances:
Atomic Kitten interviews:
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Atomic Kitten documentary:

Liz McClarnon videos:
Liz McClarnon hosts ‘Hotter Than My Daughter’:
Natasha Hamilton videos:
Jenny Frost videos:

In a dancing mood? How about one more video for the road, because . . .

“I really want tonight to last forever . . . “.

Here’s Atomic Kitten performing “Be With You”. Turn your volume up for this one:

“Be With You” performed by ‘Atomic Kitten’
Atomic Kitten: Liz McClarnon
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