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  • Phyllis Avery (actress)
  • Vanessa Bayer (actress/writer)
  • Sandahl Bergman (actress)
  • Stephen Bishop (singer/songwriter)
  • Delphine Chanéac (actress)
  • Aaron Copland (composer)
  • Rosemary DeCamp (actress/singer)
  • Brian Dietzen (actor/producer)
  • Josh Duhamel (actor/producer)
  • Fred Haise (astronaut)
  • Paul Hirsch (editor)
  • Barbara Hutton (socialite/businesswoman)
  • Brian Keith (actor)
  • Veronica Lake (actress)
  • Bill Masters (producer/writer)
  • Claude Monet (artist)
  • Prince Charles Mountbatten-Windsor
  • Dick Powell (actor/producer/singer)
  • Maggie Roswell (actress)
  • Sherwood Schwartz (writer/producer/composer)
  • McLean Stevenson (actor)
  • Patrick Warburton (actor/producer)
  • Edward White II (astronaut)
  • Joy Williams (singer/songwriter)
Born On This Day: Nov. 14
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