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  • Harry Ackerman (producer/writer)
  • Leslie Bibb (actress/producer)
  • Peter Cook (actor/writer/producer)
  • Danny DeVito (actor/producer/director)
  • Daisy Fuentes (actress)
  • Rance Howard (actor/writer/producer)
  • Rock Hudson (actor)
  • Lauren Hutton (actress/producer)
  • Gordon Lightfoot (singer/songwriter)
  • Sophie Marceau (actress/director/writer)
  • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (actress)
  • Frank Maxwell (actor)
  • Rachel McAdams (actress)
  • Lorne Michaels (producer/actor/writer)
  • Diane Neal (actress/director)
  • Bojana Novakovic (actress/director/writer)
  • David Ramsey (actor)
  • Martin Scorsese (producer/director/actor/writer)
  • Teru Shimada (actor)
  • Lee Strasberg (actor/director)
  • Dylan Walsh (actor)
Born On This Day: Nov. 17
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