Happy Birthday Blog
  • John Aylward (actor)
  • Lisa Canning (actress)
  • Bill Graham (evangelist)
  • Al Hirt (musician)
  • James Houghton (writer/actor)
  • Jackie Joseph (actress/writer)
  • Christopher Knight (actor/producer)
  • Ron Leavitt (writer/producer)
  • Lorde (singer/composer)
  • Herman J. Mankiewicz (writer/producer/actor)
  • Dakin Matthews (actor)
  • Joni Mitchell (singer/composrer)
  • Barry Newman (actor)
  • Lawrence O’Donnell (producer/writer/actor)
  • Dana Plato (actress)
  • Johnny Rivers (singer)
  • Garret Sato (actor)
Born On This Day: Nov. 7
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