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  • Ashanti (actress/singer)
  • Amanda Grace Benitez (actress)
  • Lenny Bruce (wrier/actor)
  • Chris Carter (writer/producer/director)
  • Melinda Dillon (actress)
  • Bruce Geller (writer/producer)
  • Cliff Gorman (actor)
  • Sammy Hagar (singer/composer/actor/producer)
  • Paul Kent (actor)
  • Nancy Kerrigan (skater/actress)
  • Bailey Noble (actress)
  • Bill Odenkirk (producer/writer/actor)
  • Marie Osmond (actress/producer/singer)
  • Kelly Preston (actress)
  • Jennifer Sky (actress)
  • Paul Simon (singer/composer/actor)
  • Pamela Tiffin (actress)
  • Katie Walder (actress)
  • Kate Walsh (actress)
  • Matt Walsh (actor/writer/producer)
  • Cornel Wilde (actor/director/producer)
  • Demond Wilson (actor)
  • Katia Winter (actress)
Born On This Day: Oct. 13
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