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  • Barbara Bel Geddes (actress)
  • John Candy (actor/writer/producer)
  • Charles Cioffi (actor)
  • Michael Collins (astronaut)
  • Brian Doyle-Murray (actor/writer)
  • Dale Evans (actress/singer)
  • Leonard Freeman (writer/producer)
  • Lee Grant (actress/director/producer)
  • Deidre Hall (actress)
  • Peter Jackson (producer/director/writer)
  • Sally Kirkland (actress/producer)
  • Michael Landon (actor/director/producer/writer)
  • Lynne Marta (actress)
  • Dermot Mulroney (actor)
  • Jane Pauley (journalist)
  • Piper Perabo (actress/producer)
  • Dan Rather (journalist/writer)
  • Stephen Rea (actor)
  • Ron Rifkin (actor)
  • Willow Smith (actress/singer)
  • David Ogden Stiers (actor/singer)
  • Holly Taylor (actress/producer)
  • Ken Wahl (actor)
Born On This Day: Oct. 31
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