Brian is a broadcast TV Director/Producer with a background in program/newscast production, series promotion production/traffic, and website/social media endeavors.

He is a fortunate recipient of the Corus Entertainment Samurai Award, and is a cyberspace frequent flyer!

Brian has been pleased to support a number of independent film makers as evidenced by his upcoming credits for 2019:

Associate Producer

  • Awkardly by Nikki Coble
  • Into the Void: A Short Film by Ciara Doll & Yossera Bouchtia
  • The Beach Raiders by Tyson Breuer
  • When the Rain Sets in by James Hughes

Production Associate

  • The Assassin’s Apprentice: Silbadores of the Canary Islands by Paul Hickman

Special Thanks

  • But You’re Not Black by Danielle Ayow
  • Infinite, Forever by Starr Smith
  • Just Saying . . . by Oriane Pick, Clara Maria Rose & Camila Segal
  • Sesang by Jules Suo
  • When We Were Apollo by Zachary Well