Brian bio image - Jan 9, 2024

Brian is a Canadian indie film producer attached to 57 film projects (36 IMDb listed) of varied genres with creatives from Great Britain, Australia, U.S. and Canada. A complete list of indie film credits are compiled here, and his IMDB credits can be found here.

His interests and funding to specifically support, encourage and empower female-identifying BIPOC filmmakers and creatives to tell emotional, thought-provoking, female-driven stories of inclusion, self-reliance, acceptance and understanding. The most rewarding film projects have propelled further discussion after leaving the theatre, or in the classroom.

Brian is also an enthusiastic member and supporter of Filipina content creator Gelay, and her YouTube channels: Gelay and Untold Stories, and the Gelay Travel Channel, as well as working as an online moderator for Filipina vloggers Filipina Elated (Junabel) and formerly for Sizzy Kelly. All four channels originate from Dumaghette and Cebu, Philippines.

Having been interested in television media from a very young age, Brian excelled in Grade 12 Film Arts, being one of only two class students to receive a special Certificate of Proficiency from Peterborough, Ontario’s Crestwood Secondary School in 1974. It was at that point that he entered the television broadcasting field, where he obtained a lifetime wealth of knowledge and experience spanning an over 48 year career path of control room and studio environments involving video editing, graphics, directing, copy writing, program promotion, and social media/web publishing. In 2018, five years before he left broadcast production, Brian began privately funding indie films.

His outdoor activities include landscaping and gardening projects while vibing to his curated DancePop/House/EDM/R&B music playlists on his 3/4 acre property located in rural Ontario, Canada. As the weather permits, he embarks on sunset bike rides through the neighboring countryside, photographing and sharing on social media to the delight of his regular followers.

Brian originally established an online presence on AOL (America Online) during August 1995, with a website known for four years as “Broadcast Pages on the Web”. The website provided an internet based directory to broadcast television station and industry-related sites and news. Fellow professionals and individuals with an interest in the industry enjoyed the resources of this site as it grew and become established in August of 1999 as “” and expanded in November 2008 with the addition of the “” domain name. In recent years as Brian’s interest and attention moved away from broadcast production and towards indie films, he has retired his broadcast-related site and decommissioned those domains.

The website was a recommended resource in the books “Yahoo! The ultimate desk reference to the Web” edited by HP Newquist and published by Harper Resource, and “Yahoo! The ultimate 2002 reference to the Web” edited by HP Newquist and published by ibooks, Inc.

Brian is based in Cavan Monaghan, Ontario, Canada. (Approximately 100 kilometres north east of Toronto.)