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Brian is a broadcast TV Director/Producer/Editor with a background in program/newscast production, series promotion production/traffic, and website/social media publishing.

He is a fortunate recipient of the Corus Entertainment Samurai Award, and a cyberspace frequent flyer!

Brian is pleased to support a number of independent film makers in their creative endeavors, and in doing so, has acquired a number of credits which are compiled here, and a selection on IMDB.

His online presence was established on AOL (America Online) during August 1995, and the site was known for four years as “Broadcast Pages on the Web”.

The website provided an internet based directory to broadcast television station and industry-related sites and news. Fellow professionals and individuals with an interest in the industry enjoyed the resources of this site as it grew and become established in August of 1999 as “” and expanded in November 2008 with the addition of the “” domain name.

The website was a recommended resource in the books “Yahoo! The ultimate desk reference to the Web” edited by HP Newquist and published by Harper Resource, and “Yahoo! The ultimate 2002 reference to the Web” edited by HP Newquist and published by ibooks, Inc.