All About the Music

For 2022: 69,339 minutes of streamed music throughout my home/yard/auto and workplace from Spotify Premium, and discovering exciting new musical talent in a variety of genres from all over the world.

Spotify has proclaimed that I am “The Adventurer”. A seeker of sound. I venture out into the unknown, searching for fresher artists, deeper cuts, newer tracks – especially gems yet to be found.

My top genres are:

  1. Dance Pop
  2. EDM
  3. Europop
  4. Pop
  5. Indie Soul

To all the singers, musicians and studio technicians, thanks for the music.

My regularly updated playlists feature very talented artists from literally around the world. Some names you may recognize, some may be new to you, but all are equally deserving of your attention and your ears.

Feel free to check out and subscribe to my playlists here:

As a side note, at my residence it’s “all about the music” as a series of Sony SRS-XB43 wireless speakers ( provide a full bodied stream of music throughout my home and across the landscape outdoors (especially enjoyable when I am gardening) utilizing bluetooth technology and featuring integrated programmable “rave” LED lighting effects.

All About the Music
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